Duncan Fellows is the brainchild of Colin Harman and Cullen Trevino who first played music together while in college in Austin, Texas. The two connected over songs they grew up with - early Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, The Beatles, Animal Collective - and spent many nights playing music at Cullen's house on Duncan Lane which later inspired the naming of the band. 

In the past year the band has been playing shows in Austin as well as across the country. They toured with Houndmouth through the Southeast and with Joseph on a run of sold out dates along the west coast. Between trips they have been driving to Denton, Texas to record their debut LP "Both Sides of the Ceiling." When talking about the record the band said, "It was written mostly over the summer of 2016 and into the fall so the songs ended up following that transition... The first tracks are bright and then as it progresses things get darker and a bit more melancholy. We ended up liking the idea that someone could sort of choose a side or half of the album depending on what mood they are in and still enjoy it."

The band plans to release the record in Spring of 2017.



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The band is currently working on their first LP and will begin releasing songs in spring 2017.



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