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Fresh Squeezed PR

Austin-based indie rock band Duncan Fellows drops a music video for their first single, 'Fresh Squeezed,' lifted from their debut album Both Sides of the Ceiling, which will see its release this August 25th. 

The video, with its acid-drenched trip through time, takes humorous jabs at the bands real-life living situation. The Fellows use butter-crunch guitars and subtle 80's synth textures throughout the track, which bounces around effortlessly and lands right where it's supposed to.


On the sweltering, quiet corner of Duncan Lane there stood a wide one story house with six bedrooms and fourteen inhabitants. During the summer of 2012 the house's AC system failed, leaving the residents languid and dazed. The landlord was of disconnected affect and refused to repair the life-giving rotating fan... thus, great strife befell the house. Roaches began an invasion of the East wing, advancing at great speed to the kitchen trash sources. It was here that Colin Harman and Cullen Trevino first met and began to write songs. Not long after, the band Duncan Fellows had formed.

In the past year the band has been playing shows in Austin as well as across the country. They toured with Houndmouth through the Southeast and with Joseph on a run of sold out dates along the west coast. Between trips they have been driving to Denton, Texas to record their debut LP "Both Sides of the Ceiling." When talking about the record the band said, "It was written mostly over the summer of 2016 and into the fall so the songs ended up following that transition... The first tracks are bright and then as it progresses things get darker and a bit more melancholy. We ended up liking the idea that someone could sort of choose a side or half of the album depending on what mood they are in and still enjoy it."

The band will release their debut record 'Both Sides of the Ceiling' on 8/25.



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The band's new single Fresh Squeezed is out now with the debut album 'Both Sides of the Ceiling' out 8/25.



Official Sitehttp://www.duncanfellows.com





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